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Tiny House Party! Serena Tiny House ft. Lil Jon

Can you believe Serena got to be the set for what we might call a pretty awesome experience!! Not only were we reunited with two of our fav TV personas, John and Zack but we also got to meet some new and awesome people including, Atlanta's King of Crunk, Lil Jon and California's MIDIMafia.

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QRS Collection

As a prelude to our next and ongoing collection "Back to Basics" we've decide to go in a direction of peace, flow, and serenity.  Adding some color and evoking emotion, we have chosen to utilize the colors of 2016, Serenity and Rose Quartz, to personify the feeling our brand hopes to identify with. Hoping to woft a feeling of serenity respective to mind and body, these colors come together to define and uplift.

Serena Tiny House

Break-in at the Tiny House!

Poor Serena. We were devastated to come upon the discovery that our tiny house had been broken into over the weekend and all our belongings inside stolen. The saddest part is that Serena will have to bear this nightmare on her face until we can afford to get the glass in the French door fixed. Whoever robbed us, smashed right through our dual pane glass. It seems they had a lot of time to finish the job. 

What hurts me the most is no one thought to call and inform us of the incident. I happened upon the scene by myself as I drove to site in Sylvan Hills to pick something up from the house. It was terrifying to say the least. I saw the damage from afar as I pulled up. I hoped it was just the privacy screen peeling off, but as I walked closer my worst fears came true. 

Our broken window!!! :((((

I immediately went into panic mode and called Greg to tell him what happened. I was so scared, I dared not go inside for fear that someone was still in there, but I had to document the crime, so I put on a brave face and stepped inside. Cabinet doors flung haphazardly left and right, more glass all over the floor, all our electronics gone, they even took our mini fridge. It was a horrid scene, our pride and joy desecrated for material gain. Who could be so cruel? 

I wanted to cry and hit something simultaneously. I felt in my heart that it was my fault for putting us in this situation (the Airbnb partnership fiasco). I had always known something like this could happen, and, in the back of my head, felt how sketchy the neighborhood could be, but for some reason I thought to stick it out. Look where that got us. 

After surveying the scene, I decided to go get Greg to help me pick up the pieces--literally. We grabbed the rest of our belongings the thiefs thought not fit for stealing and began the mad search to get Serena the hell out of that location. 

Where will Serena end up next and how will we get our stuff back? Stay tuned for our next post on Serena Tiny House. #serenatinyhouse

Countdown to Tiny House Nation!!!

OMG!!!! Can you believe in less than 5 days our episode of Tiny House Nation will be premiering nation wide!!! its been a long time coming but finally the time is near!! We can not wait for you all to see the results of all the hard work and dedication that has been put into #SERENATINYHOUSE !!! 

It's A Girl! S.I.S.'s Lil' Sis: Serena Tiny House

Style Is Serene Clothing is to be featured on the FYI Network show Tiny House Nation April 9, 2016. We're happy to introduce you to our tiny house that we have come to call "Serena." You can see the latest updates with our tiny house journey from the home page's "Serena Tiny House" tab or by #serenatinyhouse.

Sadly, we can't release any photos of our beautiful new tiny house, but I can try my best to paint a picture for you.


Photo by kokoroyuki/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by kokoroyuki/iStock / Getty Images

Multiple variations of the colors gray and sky blue dance playfully across many surfaces in the house such as the floor, the walls, and the finishings.


Photo by jumnong/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by jumnong/iStock / Getty Images

The house is dressed in modern red metal from front to back with large rectangular & circle windows sprawling across the structure, not to mention the 2 sets of french doors catching sunlight no matter which direction the trailer sits. The inside is reminiscent of a hip NY apartment.


Photo by Martin Barraud/OJO Images / Getty Images

Photo by Martin Barraud/OJO Images / Getty Images

The decor gives off a futuristic vibe. The space is best utilized by multi-functional furniture. Ample storage is supplied in a small space thanks to the highly functional built-ins that have the added ability to transform into tables on command. Store your shoes in vertical space, hide personal items in the "great wall of Serena," all this and more tucked away in the living room. 


Photo by karam miri/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by karam miri/iStock / Getty Images

The organic mattress pulls out from underneath the kitchen floor thus, maximizing the living room space when tucked away.


Photo by Sam Edwards/OJO Images / Getty Images

Photo by Sam Edwards/OJO Images / Getty Images

Above, a surprisingly large kitchen awaits you. Step up into the kitchen to be greeted by massive counter space, big cabinets overhead, and a stainless steel double basin sink that compliments the silver trim on the counters. One giant circle window above the sink allows for a picturesque view of the outside scenery. Let the circle window above the sink act as your eye into nature.


Photo by Paolo De santis/Hemera / Getty Images

Photo by Paolo De santis/Hemera / Getty Images

Simply slide the barn style door to enter the oasis bathroom. Red mosaic tile catches your eye at every turn. Sink into the bathtub for pure relaxation or take a steamy shower with sun or moonlight gazing upon you.  A full bathtub in a tiny house! Pure luxury. Necessary opulence.

Everything you need & more in 224 sq ft.

*these images are for illustrative purposes only and are not representative of Serena Tiny House

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